Portfolio Project

TAFE Web Development Diploma


Part 1: Planning

About the Project

The client:

Eric, TAFE Web Development Course student


Build a portfolio website to showcase all the works that Eric has done in the course.

Project goal:

The web site should be able to demonstrate the web design techniques that Eric has learned from TAFE.

Target Audience:

TAFE teachers, classmates

My role

Website designer, Wireframing, Prototyping and web developer.


Sketch, Adobe XD, Photoshop, HTML/CSS, Javascript.

Competitive Analysis

Jimmy Web

Jimmy Web

Pan Pan

pan pan

Mohit Gupta

mohit gupta

Part 2: Sitemap and Wireframing

Drafted the initial sitemap using Adobe XD. Include all major course projects in individual pages


Drafted the initial wireframe design for every pages using Adobe XD.


Part 3: Mockup

Desktop Mockup using Adobe XD

desktop mockup

Desktop Prototyping

desktop prototype

Mobile Mockup

mobile mockup

Mobile Prototyping

mobile prototype

Part 4: D Day – Website online

Portfolio Introduction

Website Links: